Meet the team behind Date/able

Yue Xu (YOO-ay SHOO)

Yue is the host of Date/able and no stranger to content development and media! She has made many US television appearances on networks such as MTV, AMC, Discovery and NBC. She is currently the US presenter for the UK series “ The Gadget Show.” Recently, Yue launched her own production company, Cult Media Online.

Yue is also the founder of, a dating vlog and coaching business. Her dating guru persona, Miss Singlefied, has been featured on,, The New York Post, Coffee Meets Bagel, Time Magazine, BBC, and more!

Yue has lived in SF for almost 2 years with the rest of her adult life split between New York, Beijing, and Los Angeles.

Julie Krafchick

Julie is the producer of Date/able and also the website creator and marketer extraordinaire. She’s a passionate designer and an experienced digital marketer and content producer. Julie loves to share her knowledge as an instructor at General Assembly.

Julie also founded and created 500 Brunches, a service that matches people with similar interests over brunch. She has learned a TON about human connection. Fun fact: Julie met both Yue and Michael through brunches!

Julie moved to San Francisco from from Boston thinking she'd stay on the West Coast one year max. Over 8 years later, SF is now home.

Other Hosts

Harrison Forman

Harrison guest hosts and appears on Season 4. He's the founder of Brunch Media, a blog focused on the everyday millennial conversation.Harrison even did a mini series on Brunch where he Facebook Live broadcasted date nights.

Harrison is also a published blogger on Elite Daily and Insider, and he brings his thoughts and critiques about modern dating Date/able.

Harvey Brockman

Harvey guest hosts and appears on Season 3. He's a physical therapist that has self-proclaimed habits compared to a puppy. He's down for light petting, highly driven by treats, and requires spontaneous naps.

Havey brings a spontaneous energy to his episodes - he once threw a dart at a world map and traveled to South Africa 7 days later.

Michael Vargas

Michael was the past co-host of Seasons 1 and 2 and part of Season 3. He's the master of authentic conversation and quick wit fueled from Improv. He holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology which he used as a residential counselor and dating coach.

Michael made the jump from San Francisco to sunny San Diego and we wish him luck in his endeavors in the sunny part of the state.