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What is Date/able?

Date/able is a podcast that opens up a candid conversation about modern dating. We hear real stories from real people of how they make dating work (or not). Some stories are juicy, some are insightful, and some will have you screaming, "I had the same thing happen to me!" On every episode, you'll get real takeaways to apply to your own life, all while laughing along the way.

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Season 5 Episode 1: The Secret to Dating in Modern Times

In our Season 5 premiere, Ned drops the secret of dating successfully in a city where our attention is scattered and options are plentiful. We discuss the impact of technology, urban elite cities, and how to navigate through it all to find something real.

Season 5 Episode 2: Every. Body. Beautiful.

Natalie Carey, author of Every. Body. Beautiful, tells us about her decades-long battle with body image. We discuss overcoming the struggles for both women AND men, learning to appreciate your body, and how this impacts dating.

Season 5 Episode 3: The real life of a Pickup Artist

DJ tells us about life as a former pickup artist. We hear about what it really means to be in the pickup community and how this differs from media’s portrayal. We also hear about the techniques and how this applies to more standard dating practices.

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Finding The One Episodes that inspire and gain perspective on the necessary self growth and mindset to be relationship ready. Listen now »

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Featured Stories

"The Story of a Breakup"

By Austin Gunter

A few weeks ago I flew to the deserts of Arizona and Utah to meet the girl that I had been in a tumultuous, on and off, transatlantic relationship with for the better part of 2 years. We were going to road trip from Phoenix, up into Utah to see Monument Valley and Zion National Park...

"Life is short; wear the crop top"

By Natalie Carey

I just really want to wear a crop top. This is the thought that got stuck in my head as a young teenager, and the VERY SAME phrase that I hear a lot of women still saying today. I'd say a good 70% of the fine ass ladies who come to me...

An Essay On Consent, From A Woman Who Hosts Huge Sex Parties"

By Kate Horowitz

Who am I to explain consent to you? I’m very square, married, living in the suburbs with my hardworking husband, and an irritating cat. But about once a month, roughly 60 people show up to our house for an all-night orgy...

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