Introducing the Why Series

Welcome to the Dateable: Why Series, where we dissect and analyze common dating questions and conundrums and then give you actionable solutions of how to navigate through these issues. Join Yue and Julie, the creators of the Date/able Podcast, as we give you the most thorough discussion on problems faced by modern daters, just like you. You're not alone in this, so let's learn from each other and get to some solutions!

Why can't I meet people in real life?

On this episode of the premium ‘Why Series’, we discuss why it’s so hard to meet people in real life (IRL) and what we can do about it. We give you tips and tactics to start conversations, expand your network, and places to go along with a 7-day challenge to make this actionable.

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Why do people flake or ghost even after a great date?

On this episode of the premium ‘Why Series’, we’ll look at why people flake or ghost even if the date seemed to go well. We'll discuss what to do when this happens and how to handle the situation if this person comes back into your life with actionable takeaways to apply to your own dating life.

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Why do I go on date after date and none of them lead to anything?

On this episode of the premium 'Why Series', we’ll deep dive into 5 different reasons why dates may not be turning into relationships. We'll leave you with suggested actions of what to do next including hacks and ways to counteract the reasons this may be happening.

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