Playlist: Single and ready to mingle

All you need to navigate the world of dating apps and meet new people in real life.

Season 2 Episode 1: The Blind Date

Yue goes on a blind date riding a Scoot Quad around the city. Her date, Matt, comes on air and we hear both of their impressions of the date. When have you ever gotten real feedback from a date? Spoiler alert: minds are blown.

Season 4 Episode 6: Perceptions and Misconceptions

Sheel from 500 Startups shares what he's looking for and ideal qualities of a partner- all while we talk about the perception he may be giving off on social media. We discuss judgments made from facebook and dating apps and how to play this in your favor.

Season 4 Episode 7:Making Moves IRL

Taylor talks about how she is an anomaly to modern dating - ditching apps for the real life approach. We talk about doing this in a non-aggressive way, getting over rejection, pick-up lines that aren’t lines, and taking control of your dating life without apps.

Season 1 Episode 10: Are You Opposed to Hooking Up?

Robert tells us about his Tinder social experiment. We discuss the emptiness of one night stands but also how they can help you settle down long term.

Season 2 Episode 14: 24 apps and counting

Mikka tells us about using her 24 dating apps to date anywhere and everywhere including traveling to Portland, her latest hotspot, for dates. We talk about integrating dating into your life, refreshing your mindset, and how fun first dates really can be.

Season 2 Episode 7: Can't Hurry Love

Jake tells us about a Tinder date that got aggressive fast. We discuss it all here: interpretations of dates, texting aftermath, ways to vet online dates, men turning down sex, and how to know if you are in a relationship.

Season 3 Episode 12: Dating Profile Dish

We teamed up with Lively, a new video dating app, to do a little dating profile experiment. We get both a male and female perspective on the do’s and don’ts of profile pics, the change of perspective with videos, and how much context matters.

Season 3 Episode 3: Dating on a Whim

Yue tells us about her own first date using the app Whim. Eve Peters, the founder and CEO, interviews Yue and Andrew separately to hear their impressions of one another and how they cut through the “date talk” to make a true connection.

Season 4 Episode 10: The System

Jenny walks us through her system of dating multiple people at once now that she is back in the dating scene after being married. We discuss dating strategies, how your perspective changes once you have a child, and why marriage isn’t always the ultimate goal.

Season 2 Episode 6: Double Booked

Alan takes us on a wild ride through his dating life including a story that happens during the recording. We talk about dating strategies, sex, finding the right person with great abs, more sex, and double booking. Warning: this episode is hilarious.

Season 4 Episode 2: #Millenial

Harrison, founder of Brunch Media, tells us about dating as a #millennial. We talk about his facebook live dating experiment, stepping up your emoji game, the desire to meet IRL, and differences between the 20 something and the 30 something dater.

Season 4 Episode 1: Dating in the Dark

Julie and Danny talk about their experience ‘dating in the dark’ at matchmaker OKSasha's event. We discuss how removing physical attraction from the equation — the antithesis of online dating — gives a new perspective.

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