Season 5

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Season 5 Episode 3: The real life of a Pickup Artist

DJ tells us about life as a former pickup artist. We hear about what it really means to be in the pickup community and how this differs from media’s portrayal. We also hear about the techniques and how this applies to more standard dating practices.

Season 5 Episode 2: Every. Body. Beautiful.

Natalie Carey, author of Every. Body. Beautiful, tells us about her decades-long battle with body image. We discuss overcoming the struggles for both women AND men, learning to appreciate your body, and how this impacts dating.

Season 5 Episode 1: The Secret to Dating in Modern Times

In our Season 5 premiere, Ned drops the secret of dating successfully in a city where our attention is scattered and options are plentiful. We discuss the impact of technology, urban elite cities, and how to navigate through it all to find something real.

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