Episode 10: Are You Opposed to Hooking Up?

In our season finale, Robert tells us about his Tinder social experiment. We discuss the emptiness of one night stands but also how they can help you settle down long term.

Episode 9: Are we or aren't we?

Jessica tells us about her bro that would never commit. We talk about setting the precedent of how you want to be treated and how you can learn from situations like these.

Episode 8: Market Research

Tan tells us about his date turned psychology study. We discuss intentions and ditching the small talk on first dates. We also talk benefits of meeting people outside of traditional "dates".

Bonus Episode: Confessions of a Matchmaker

We interview a modern day matchmaker, Courteney Kay, founder of Sparx and formerly at Dating Ring and Grouper. We get her inside scoop about what she sees in the industry and problems unique to San Francisco.

Episode 7: Don't Molly and Date

Yue spills about her dating experience that moved a little too fast. We get into conversations about how to handle when people ghost and are non-committal to plans.

BONUS: Top 10 People you Date in SF

You all know the typical characters that roam the streets (and nightlife) of SF. Meet the The Startup Bro, Marina Girl, Man Bun Hipster, Boho Girl, and six more in our "Top 10 people you date in SF" bonus ebook.

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Episode 6: First Move

KiYonna brings a conversation with her cousin about women making the first move. We talk about gender roles and how modern dating has gotten more judgmental.

Episode 5: Frozen Eggs

John tells us about his setup with an older woman from a matchmaker. We discuss the importance of life-stage in relationships and preconceptions around age.

Episode 4: The $600 Dinner

Sasha talks about getting stood up for a date and how she benefited from this later. We also talk about standing up for yourself, asking for what you deserve, and being honest in dating.

Episode 3: The Mushroom Pickup

Michael tells his story about using a mushroom to pick up a woman (yes, this surprised us too!). We talk about being present and taking chances in dating. We also discuss instant vs. more gradual connections.

Episode 2: DTF?

Shirley spills about an inappropriate sext she received from a guy she met online. We talk about the reality of apps like Tinder and being upfront with intentions. And of course, does it matter when you have sex?

Episode 1: She loves me, She loves me not

Kurt talks about a roller coaster relationship with many mixed messages. We talk about effective communication, the extent of fighting for your relationship, and why people are afraid of commitment in SF.

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